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Who am I?

Claire Wells

BEd, Level 7 CPT3A, Level 5 Dyslexia Specialist Teacher,

Autism specialist and Qualified SENCO.

With over 20 years experience within education as teacher, senior leader and

Special Educational Needs practitioner, I offer advice, support, tutoring and consultancy

work for children, teenagers and adults with Special Education Needs including

Autism, Speech and Language Communication Needs, Dyslexia as well as anxiety

and school attendance issues.

Teaching children from age 4 Years to 16 Years old, who present with a wide range of abilities and needs, has enabled me to master my understanding of a wide range of programmes such as Protective Behaviours, PECS, Teacch, Makaton, Zones of Regulation, Emotional regulation, Elklan, Communication aids and Clicker. I am a great believer in using preferred learning styles to engage and motivate pupils, so that all pupils can succeed in life.

I believe that all pupils have an entitlement to a broad and balanced schooling that caters for their needs and I am pro-active at championing such a cause. As such, I am passionate about equity and equality and I am a strong believer that we all have a unique set of abilities that can be nurtured and developed for the greater good.

It is important that we all develop a positive mental health by engaging with the environment, enjoying hobbies and communicating with the world. This is pivotal to all of my goals and beliefs and provides a strong foundation to my ethical practice.

I have a current DBS.

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