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Do you have more and more children in your school that will require reasonable adjustments for their examinations?

If you have a pupil who has an ART or CATS score below 89 they could benefit from further testing to establish whether or not they may be entitled to exam access arrangements

Are you struggling with staffing who are Level 7 Qualified to be able to administer these Psychometric Assessments to support their Form 8 application?

Reasonable Adjustments

The Equality Act 2010 requires an Awarding Body to make reasonable adjustments where a disabled person would be at a substantial disadvantage in undertaking an assessment.

A reasonable adjustment for a particular person may be unique to that individual and may not be included in the list of available Access Arrangements.

Access Arrangements can include:

  • Extra time

  • A reader

  • A scribe

  • The use of an exam reading pen, a word processor or assistive software (screen reader/voice recognition)

  • Exam papers printed on coloured paper

  • Supervised rest breaks

  • A separate room to take the test in

I can come into your school and test any pupil who might require reasonable adjustments and complete the Form 8 and file note to be submitted for access arrangements

Contact me for more information about how I can support you with this process

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